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EC talk postponed

UPDATE: Not this time. Nobody in Altanta is really interested so I will shelve this talk and bring it out at another date - perhaps Dallas early next year as part of our ten year celebration of the Boaz Project under BGCT.

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Saturday evening Oct 3, 2009

I will be in Atlanta on Saturday evening (maybe Friday evening also) and would like to tell the story of the emerging church in USA from the Southern Baptist point of view. Its an amazing story and so much of it happened in and around the SBC. All very exciting - creativity, heresy, drinks and stinks, experiments, mistakes, successes, problems, victories, Great story and a part of our church/mission history. It should take about one hour.

I have the story. What I dont have is a place to tell it. This is where you come in and say "Ooohhhh Andrew, we can gather some friends who would like to hear about that and we can do it at _________" And I reply "Ahh yes . .the perfect place. Lets bring some food."