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Random stuff

- I can related to the blog-weary Phoenix Preacher who seeks a cave between and the Lighthouse Trails and the renewal movement.

- The Sovereignty series on Man of Depravity ended well. Lots of good thoughts, including one from me.

- When I was at Greenbelt Festival, I met Rob Bell and the controversial but congenial Gene Robinson on the same day. Later that day, I listened to the evangelical apologist Alistair McGrath defend the faith against new atheism. What an interesting mix of people.

- Rob Bell seems like a nice guy, btw. I am still not sure why some people peg him as "emerging church", esp. when his church started with such a large infusion of people. More thoughts here.


Random photo:

Shovel it! This is me clearing away cowpats to prepare the campsite at Slot Festival, Poland.

- How do you measure successful holistic ministry? Social entreprenuers Andy Schofield, Shannon Hopkins, with additional brain power from missiologist-geek Brad Sargent, are working on a transformational index which I finally got to see last night. Jon Birch's cartoons really make it look great.

- Four bottom lines of holistic transformation: social, economic, environmental and spiritual. Andy and Shannon dragged me into their social enterprise presentation at Greenbelt to discuss the fourth one. I talked about linking the enterprise to God's missional plan to reconcile all things. I also suggested the missional entrepreneur is like a DJ who spins 4 records at one time, but the spiritual should be the first.

- One laptop per child didn't seem to achieve what it hoped to, according to some criticism, but I wonder if an ipod touch per child, in a world of free wifi, would be a better solution.