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Al Mohler Tops the Religion Blogs

al mohlerDr Albert Mohler is a big man on radio, behind the pulpit, in the classroom, in the biggest office of one of the biggest Seminaries in the world, and also on the blogosphere. In fact he has just topped the blogosphere with the leading religion blog according to Technorati rankings. I know this because I am running right behind him at number 2.

Al Mohler deserves to be on top. He writes good content and a lot of people read it. Christianity Today called Al Mohler the “reigning intellectual of the evangelical movement in the U.S.” And of course a lot of people link to his content which is what Technorati notices - esp. since the changes last October in trying to reflect the dynamic nature of the blogosphere and how blogs are ranked. Since Technorati changed the way they rank blogs, all those years worth of permanent inbound links dont really count unless they were recently added. Or in other words, if you dont write compelling content that gets linked by websites and bloggers, and not the same bloggers all the time, your blog will not rise to the top.

But Al is more than a blogger and theologian. He is also a journalist and an apologist with knowledge of how to use media. Thats a unique ability. Al was recently appointed to the Francis Schaeffer Chair of Cultural Apologetics at the World Journalism Institute at The King’s College in New York City. Thats impressive!

I have never met Al Mohler face to face but I think i saw him speak at a Southern Baptist Annual Meeting some years ago. Back in 2006, Al and I both had articles on new atheism at the same time. Al's article outranked mine but both of our posts sat on the front page of the google search results for "new atheism" and I felt a little like we were in the same fight together. Which should not be surprising because we are both Southern Baptists - he on the more conservative, suit-and-tie-wearing, institutional side and me on the more experimental edge previously known as both "postmodern" and "emerging" but now probably best thought of as "missional."

Anyway, allow me to introduce you to Big Al, a better blogger than I. Blog on, Al Mohler!