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Mark Driscoll goes to Haiti

My old friend Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church went to Haiti with James MacDonald. They recorded some footage that I look forward to seeing. Well done Mark! The first video is here on YouTube but I expect much more to come. He also got interviewed by USA Today where he speaks out against the sex-trade.

If you remember back 4 years ago, Chris Seay and Travis Reed put out a deeply moving video a few days after Hurricane Katrina called "Please Dont Make us Sing This Song" and it went viral, stirring up prayer and support around the world for that catastrophe. Hopefully, with all the media folk at Mark's church, they can do the same thing. Hurry up, dammit!

BTW - I dont think a lot of pastors should fly down to Haiti for a look-ee-loo. But some of them should and they should tell the story well when they come back. Otherwise, they are just taking up space and money.

Also - an email from Emily of International Medical Corps who are doing a great job in Haiti right now. They have a widget that lets you donate $10 really easily.