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Redeemer City to City and Missional Stuff


Redeemer City to City is the new name and new look for Redeemer's Church Planting Center. Check out the new web site. What you may not know is that one of the many wonderful people that have featured on my blog for the last . . . shoot . . almost a decade . . . is the incredible and hairless Sasa Flek from Prague, Czech Republic. Sasa, who was the "scribe in our basement" when we lived in Prague has now completed his Bible translation into Czech and is setting up an apostolic base [if i can call it that] in Prague. And more to the point, Sasa is now officially connected to Redeemers family of church planters. Lucky them!

Tim Keller (pictured) also lacking in hair, is the leader of Redeemer and one of the most liked Christian leaders in USA. He has some great thoughts on the concept of being "missional".

Speaking of the word "missional", there was some interesting discussion last week on the subject, kicked off by Brent Thomas, that I apparently missed during my exodus out of Europe and into Africa. Ed Stetzer has the skinny, as does Bill Kinnon. Love to hear your thoughts.