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Our eldest daughter leaves to help social enterprise

Our eldest daughter, Elizabeth (17) left home this week. Wahhhh!!!! We dropped her off at Heathrow airport where she flew to Austin, Texas. We must be getting old. We will also lose our son this week as he flies to Edinburgh. Wow. 2 children leaving the nest in one week.


For the next 5 months, Elizabeth (Liz) will be helping a social enterprise start-up called Sweet Notions which was started recently by some dear friends of ours - Shannon Hopkins and Jessica Stricker. Sweet Notions, based in Houston and London, helps change the world through recycled fashion accessories.

sweet notions

Its not easy to lose the first kid but we know she is in God's hand and we are VERY VERY proud of Liz in wanting to spend her youth on transforming the world rather than pursuing more selfish endeavors. You can pray for Liz and support her in her first 2 months as she gets set up and sorted out. After two months, she should be able to support herself.


This is Liz walking out the door for her adventure - WITHOUT mum and dad. Has this happened to you????

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