Exponential 2010: Attend or Avoid?
Kevin Prosch and the Peppercorns

Green shoots are sprouting everywhere

flower.jpg"I do not trust SPECTACULAR things.

Give me the seed growing secretly every time."

Roland Allen


"Did you know that couch grass and potatoes, and other rhizome based organisms, do not reproduce? Instead they find dark empty places and export their roots into them, maintaining unity, but allowing growth and new life. If there is no reproduction or multiplication in rhizome structures, then how do we talk about reproduction in church planting strategy?

Andrew Jones, Like a Rhizome Cowboy, 2004


"With 80-100 million followers in secret house churches in China; 100,000 house churches planted in India; one million evangelical Latin Catholics now worshipping in Basic Ecclesial Communities (BEC) and five million Americans in 30,000 house churches and several other countries reporting explosive growth, the return of the prodigal church back to the house church is a full circle reversal to God’s intended original form and function.

It seems that the 2000 years of incubation period is over and suddenly the green shoots are sprouting everywhere in the spiritual landscape to welcome Christ the King."

Victor Choudrie HT: Simple Church Journal, from "Global Trends, Concerns and Challenges", available here. Previously on TSK: Choudrie and a slice of Nicolatia