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According to a new survey, more British men would feel comfortable in a ladies underwear shop, or a library, or a hospital, than a church. And the biggest hurdle is the SINGING!


From Sorted Magzine:
Two out of three confessed to feeling ill at ease in a pew, while only one in two said the same of a ladies underwear shop. Most off-putting are the hymns. Sixty-seven per cent say they do not feel comfortable singing in church. Almost eight out of 10 are happy to croon in the shower while 53 per cent chant cheerily at football matches. But just one in three will willingly open a hymn book at a religious service.

See more results of this survey on Sorted and some good commentary by David Keen on his post No Songs Please, We're Blokish.

I have suggested before that house churches, esp. when an outside BBQ is involved, are more comfortable for men than church sanctuaries. Do you think I am right?