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Sunday's Coming: Contemporvant Service Movie Trailer

So funny. Did he say "contemporvant"? This is EXACTLY what we did each Sunday when I was a pastor and a leader of contemporvant type church service, back in the early 90's. I was the guy doing the talk each week although I looked a lot cooler than the preacher-dude with ALL THE ANSWERS in this video. Obviously.

"Sunday's Coming" Movie Trailer from North Point Media on Vimeo.

Hilarious!! People sometimes ask me why I gave up on that model and shifted over to organic/house church and what used to be called "emerging church". The reason had to do with a God-directed shift away from unsustainable resource-hungry models of church towards reproducing movements of God's people being the church and celebrating together without having to put on an expensive show. So we dumped the stage and focused our time on living out the gospel rather than performing it on a stage, and making disciples rather than attracting spectators. Although I do miss that weekly buzz from pulling off a great "service", as I talked about in my 2004 post entitled, House Churches Have No Sex Appeal.

Now we find ourselves part of a global movement that is becoming the new majority, although many of these movements never did the contemporary/relevant church service like we did.
When we were doing the contemporvant stuff, with the bands, and the projected images, and the drama, and whatever else we did, we used to say that even though it looked cool at the time, people would eventually ridicule it. Now, that day has come and North Point Media have done a spectacular job!! One day soon, some clever people are going to poke fun at the simple church movement and I look forward to watching THAT video when it comes.

UPDATE: After posting that, I noticed that Bill Kinnon had some good thoughts and a link to Jason Coker who is reluctant to tell anyone he is planting a church because of all this stupidity. And Jon Reid has a list of reactions to the video.