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The Skinny on the Food Revolution

People, a movement is underway. We are in the beginning stages of a food revolution and the church is upfront and center. Good.

I suggested a few days ago that God may have sent Jamie Oliver to the Southern Baptists. But it might be equally true that God sent the Southern Baptists to Jamie Oliver. Bloggers should be tracking this one and contributing their thoughts.
I said back in 2004:
"I believe that FOOD and cooking are as essential to emerging/organic church than what music was to contemporary/seeker church. I also predict that in the next few years, as emerging churches stop emerging and settle down into their calling, that we will see a resurrection of the church cookery books in the tradition of the Mennonite and Amish churches. Although these will be web based instead of print." Andrew Jones, TallSkinnyKiwi, You Had Me At Halel, 2004

I believe this food revolution is a lot bigger than food and a lot older than Jamie's visit. Those cookery books are being aggregated on the web right now and we are all adding to the knowledge base. But its more than cooking and more than food. Its about love. I hope to blog a lot more on this in the near future because I believe its important to God. Please join me and lets see a revolution in our kitchen, in our neighborhoods and in our own lives.