Glasnost, Balkans and some reflections from our gathering.
The Skinny on the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force Report

A new blog editor for me

I finally gave up on ecto blog editor after it constantly crashed on me and I was losing posts. I hope they get ecto stabilized in the near future so that I can return to it. I have been a huge Ecto fan and a user of its predecessor Kung-Log. I have even had the pleasure if its creator Adrian coming on my blog before to discuss issues and problems with ecto. I still think its the best blog editor for mac, but for now I need another editor.

I tried Mars Edit and liked it a lot  - although not as good with images as Ecto - but now the trial is over and they want $39 from me. Not now, I am thinking, especially after paying for Ecto. So in the meantime, I have downloaded ScribeFire to work with Firefox and that will let me write some posts offline and then send them up when I get online. This post is my first ScribeFire post. Feels pretty good!