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Emerging Church Jello Begins its Wobbly Descent

Soooooo the emerging church jello plastered on the walls of historical memory by uninformed critics finally begins its slow, wobbly descent, revealing that not all that was said about emerging church leaders was accurate . . .  as I have been saying for a LONG TIME. Here's some quotes you might appreciate:

"I don’t attend an emerging church, and for that matter have never used the phrase in any of my books." Don Miller, "A Leader in the Emerging Church?

"We don't ever use that word" Rob Bell, answering the question "Is Mars Hill, the church that you pastor, is that an Emerging Church?"

"The term "emerging church" is normally applied to churches like these [organic, simple] and it makes sense that Rob Bell does not use the term to describe his community." Tallskinnykiwi 2007


"Saying that Steve Chalke is the most influential leader in the emerging church in the UK is like saying Borat is the most influential leader in Kazakhstan. Despite commonly held perceptions from the uninformed [according to, Borat actually IS the most recognized representative of Kazakhstan], it's just not true." TallSkinnykiwi 2009