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Podcasts: Exploring Faith from a Global Perspective

Becky Garrison is releasing a series of podcasts on the theme of her new book Jesus
Died 4 This?
The first podcasts include an interview with me that Becky did last year in Poland at our Roundtable for emerging church leaders. Its called "Exploring Faith from a Global Perspective" and when you have finished listening, check out the other podcasts that include my friends Trevor McPherson (Canada) and Florian Honisch (Germany)

And get the book - Jesus Died 4 This: A Satirists Search for the Risen Christ. Its really good. In fact, I think Christian satire is one of the bright hopes for the future of Christian publishing and this book does it well. Except when Becky calls me a "granola crunching hippie" which I have to disagree strongly with - I crunch on potato chips, not granola! But the rest of the book is great!