The emerging church and their stupid, silly names!
One of my talks at Global Connect

At Global Connect

This weekend I am speaking at Global Connect, a conference organized by and for Christian Associates International. Great people!!!! I really love hanging around them. They are inspiring! Which is partly why I accepted their invitation to speak. The other reason is because the folk connected with Christian Associates are some of the most cutting edge and intentionally missional people you will ever meet. Their founder, Linus Morris, is here [we met in Budapest about 8 years ago] and the new president Rob Fairbanks. Both incredible people.

The theme of the conference is "Being the Body" and my part, apart from just being really really ridiculously good looking, will be exploring the contours of a Biblical ecclesiology to match our strategies for the next season. One question I would like to address is related to all the missional church books everyone has been reading and look at a few assumptions, some challenges and possibly some detours that will help us all move ahead.

If you are here at the conference and want to help me out, which I hope you will do, check out David Fitch's blog post from a few weeks ago and start formulating a response. Is the missional church idea "fundamentally flawed"? Did Alan Hirsch and Michael Frost attempt to "de-ecclesiologize the church"? If the church dispersed lacks visibility due to the abandonment or non-investment in institutional structures, how can we make the invisible visible?

If you cant be with us here in Germany, you can follow the conference on Twitter or Facebook