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5 Game Changers that didnt make my video for The Nines

On Sep 9 you can watch my video and ridicule it via Twitter at the Nines Online Conference. I chose just a single "game changer" in my ministry to focus on . .  which one I will not reveal just yet. But there were many other game changers, strategic moves, decisions, mid-way corrections, that didn't make the cut. Here are some of them:

1. In 1995 I moved out of my office and held regular hours at a particular coffee shop in San Francisco where I was ministering. Since then, I have not had an office. A few years later I got my first laptop (a gift from Chris Seay) and I never used an office again. Its good to get out among the people. We are not going to change the world from our offices!

2. Dr Paul Jackson once told me that half my audience were females and if I didn't read books written by women and try to understand their way of thinking then I would only communicate to 50% of my intended hearers. Game changer!

3. The decision to stream my life and thoughts freely online RATHER than publish in book form was a game changer. I haven't made any money but I have had millions of page views from people who probably would not have met me if it wasn't for my online presence.

4. The decision to step down from my church and from leading a very vibrant growing service full of young people and to work off the radar among the urban nomads and global nomads was a game changer. I think it was the right move. One day all will be revealed.

5. Going to them rather than have them come to you. We spend our life on the road [I am writing this from our 4x4 Motorhome-MonsterTruck at an Autobahn stop in Banberg, Germany] going to where God is raising up missional entrepreneurs rather than setting up shop and having them all come to our events. Yes, sometimes we throw a party or event and invite them in but I prefer to hang with them where they live and meet them in their context. Selling our house and buying plane tickets with the money was a game changer. Moving out of our rented apartment and into our truck has been a game changer. We have been to 20 countries this year and has seen some of the most incredible people doing great things for God.

To minister as a family instead of a trying to minister as a man with a family. My kids and my wife, and even our dog, are all an integral part of what God has called us to do. That game changer has been great for all of us and has opened up more doors than you could imagine.

I will tell you the big game changer that made the video really soon. Stay tuned.