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Interviewing Ajith Fernando today

Today I am interviewing Ajith Fernando on Skype along with a few other Lausanne Bloggers.  Ajith is a spiritual leader in Sri Lanka and I have quoted him before in some of my articles. We were both part of the Christian Vision Project a few years ago.

I will ask him some questions about what he will be talking about at Cape Town next month and about his recent article To Serve is to Suffer, an article that created a lot of buzz online and generated responses from many thinking people including Miroslav Volf and Libby Little for its insightful critique on Western Christianity.
"When people leave a church because they do not fit the program, it communicates a deadly message: that our commitment is to the work and not to the person, that our unity is primarily in the work and not in Christ and the gospel." Ajith Fernando, To Serve is to Suffer
What would you ask Ajith if you were me? You have until 9am
Eastern time to get your question to me.