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Wild Goose Festival Cometh - June 2011

New York: At Radical Living this Saturday

This Saturday night our family will be having dinner with Radical Living, a 'Christ-centered cohousing community' in Brooklyn, New York. You might have read about them in the New York Times in "Sharing the Faith, Splitting the Rent". They have invited us to tell our story "The Motorbike in the Middle of our Kitchen", something our kids have started to put together and a story that will probably be told all over USA over the next 3 months as we drive coast to coast.


Some other friends will be there also including Sasa Flek from Prague, whose Bible translation was the best selling book in Czech Republic last year, and Becky Garrison who is about to go on a book tour for her latest work Jesus Died for This?, a book that calls me a "granola crunching hippie", a misleading and degrading accusation which I have strengously disagreed with at length. I will have HARSH words for her on Saturday, over dinner.

I hope we are having granola.