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Tallskinnykiwi in North America: Rough Schedule

The schedule is taking shape for us in USA/Canada starting in a few weeks. A lot of you are asking me about coming to speak or having a party with the family and friends, etc. Fantastic. Its gonna be a great tour and we look forward to seeing you F2F. Here's how it looks right now.

Sep 14-16. Prague
Sep 17 Sheffield
Sep 18 London
Sep 20-30 Penn, Delaware, New Jersey, perhaps Toronto.
Oct 1-3 New York
Oct 3-6 Washington DC
Oct 7-13 Atlanta, North Carolina and Tennesee
Oct 14-29 I am in Cape Town, South Africa for Lausanne 3. Family will stay in USA
Nov - Texas: Austin, Houston, Dallas, Tyler
Dec- Portland OR, Vancouver WA, Spokane WA, maybe Seattle or Vancouver. Maybe Colorado on the way up.
Jan 2-4 San Francisco area
Jan 7-10 Los Angeles

Email me if you want to host a meeting or be part of one. More details coming when things firm up.