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Tallskinnykiwi in North America: Rough Schedule

The Nines is upon us. Speaker List here.

The Nines Conference happens on the 9th. Should be a fun day. Hope your partner doesn't yell at you for spending too much time on the computer. But hey - 100 speakers, 6 minutes each. That's a lot of eyeballing.

Here's the order of speakers so you can organize your toilet breaks.

Hey - there's my name in Hour 9. I guess they save the best till last . . .  heh heh

A little background on my video:

My video was shot at a semi-legal punk squat we were staying at in Germany. Very cool place. Lots of trucks and trailers and makeshift buildings and graffiti walls. Very Mad Max. A mechanic who lives there was working on our truck but we couldn't get the right part so we stayed there for 3 weeks. But we learned a lot and fell in love with the people there.

Yes, I know, I am sitting too far away from the camera and that mic should not be there. Sorry. Actually its a pretty boring video and if you make it all the way to the end then God bless you. I am sure there will much better videos than mine on the day.

But the message is important: Our response to the recession is a game changer and is something that can work in our advantage. If we are too rich and too resource-laden, we have no filter in determining who and where and when to minister. Embracing a temporary and voluntary poverty can give us that filter by making us dependent on the people we go to serve. Sometimes its better to leave our bag behind (Luke 10) and allow our poverty to locate the person and the context God is leading us towards. Sometimes the stuff we are waiting for is with the person who is waiting for us. Sometimes its better to drool down than dress up. Jesus became poor for our sakes and left us an example to follow. Let the recession become our seminary. Come on, bring it on!

If you have any comments or questions or just outrageous anger and disbelief then just leave a comment or go away and stew on it Or read Luke 10 for yourself and think about why Jesus made those recommendations to his followers.