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"Meg Duerksen is a mom of five, photographer and an awesome TypePad blogger" says the email from Typepad who are showcasing Meg's blog "Whatever." I dont think I have seen a religious blog recommended by them before.

Its a a great blog with lots of fun and color.

And its not lacking in spiritual content either. Well done, Meg.

Related: I have a post on the word "Whatever" and its relation to God's purposes.

"[Whatever] is a word that annoys me and I tell my kids off when they revert to "WHATEVER!!" as a response to my statements. But in Missio Dei, the word WHATEVER" helps us move beyond an overly humanistic understanding of salvation that lacks a biblical cosmology. Our ministry of reconciliation is focused on WHATEVER needs reconciling. Jesus came to seek and to save WHATEVER was lost - its more than just humans that need reconciling. WHATEVER was alienated, WHATEVER was broken must be reconciled. God's character demands it. He is holy, wholly, complete."