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Reflections on Lausanne

Back with the family in USA and still telling the story of Lausanne World Congress. This morning I showed some videos to my kids. The videos at Lausanne were incredible and I was hoping they would be available to the public. Many of them are.

For me, Lausanne 3 was a place of accountability, a location where we could assemble ourselves together, discuss what we have achieved and what needs to be done, offer our gifts to the group, and find creative ways to work together. It was not a typical conference where people attend to hear cool speakers and get "takeaways" for the church back home. It was much more than that and so if all you hear about Lausanne is about one or two well-known speakers who gave plenary addresses, then you probably are getting that from someone who was not there.

For those present, it was about networking, praying with each other, hearing stories of persecution and bravery, being challenged by videos, testimonies, speakers, bible studies, and just enjoying each other. People were kind and considerate. Always. Even lining up for coffee you would see people offer their place in line to anyone for the slightest of reasons. The whole conference was bathed in that generosity.

It was special. It was an international Congress with 200 nations represented. It was impeccably organized and highly strategic. It was full and perhaps over-organized at times, in a very Western style. But it was good. Yes, a few marginalized voices were missed over. I sometimes felt a little left out, as a global nomad who didn't have a country to represent, but that did not cast a shadow on this event.

It was good. For me personally, it was a moment to align my ministry plans with the global movement and ready myself for the next season. And to get some affirmation on those plans and the need for my story and gifts in this movement. That was worth it.

And the wine tour in Stellenbosch was just an incredible bonus to the whole event.