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I saw Dawn Treader Preview . . . NYAH NYAH NYAH NYAH . . . NYAAAAH!

If you are a C.S. Lewis fan then you will know that today would have been his birthday. He was born Nov 29, 1898. Happy birthday Jack! You will also be anticipating the next Narnia installment which, as everyone knows, is The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, opening here Dec 10th.

My family and friends HATE me because I was lucky enough to see a preview of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader at a big fancy conference in Cape Town, South Africa. Bob Beltz, Associate Producer, was there in Cape Town and he hosted a private screening for us. Bob has been counting down the movie with a series of intriguing articles at the Examiner.

Best scene from Dawn Treader was when the children take a picture frame from the wall with a ship on it and water starts pouring out and filling up the room. Pretty soon the whole room is full of water and the kids are swirling around like clothes in a washer. Quite scary actually. And then they get sucked out onto the deck of a ship - The Dawn Treader, obviously. Great effects. My kids will love it!

Dawn Treader is Hannah's favorite installment of the Narnia series. She has read it a few times and this movie is a must-see for our family.

This photo of my kids was taken last week in Denver at the home theater of Peter and Lancia Smith. Lancia is part of the C.S. Lewis Foundation, occasional groupie of C.S. Lewis events, and probably someone who, unlike you, knew it was his birthday today.  We were talking with Lancia about creating an online app that uses Narnia stories to teach English to home-schooled and road-schooled children - like ours. Sounds like a good idea. Go for it, Lancia!