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Top 10 Jesus Images

When people look for an image of Jesus on Google's search engine, this is what they find. I hope international viewers are not taking them too seriously. Here are the Top 10 Google image results for "Jesus".

1. The Number 1 image is from a Choose your Jesus poll and the Buddy Christ from the movie "Dogma" comes out on top

2. Second up is an optical illusion page showing this Jesus but I am not patient enough to see the other side of the illusion.

3. Beer drinking Jesus makes number 3 on the post called  "Jesus was a booze-drinker". But we all know Jesus preferred WINE! And Google has better similar images than this one anyway.

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4. Political blog MacYapper has Number 4 image of Jesus on the post "Jesus Why They Don't Get It"

5. The author of Number 5 doesn't believe Jesus ever existed and offers this image as part of his follow up post to the original post, Jesus Myth - The Case Against Historical Christ. I disagree. I believe Jesus REALLY DID exist, and also that he rose from the dead. But he still didn't look anything like this picture.

6. Image from Daily Mail. Joe Mawle as a bloodied Jesus on BBC's controversial drama "The Passion".

7. Greg Olsen's painting of Jesus reading from the scroll on a Paintings of Jesus site. With this Google ranking, Greg could have sold his painting a thousand times over. Greg has more at his gallery but not as classy as this one.

8. The Jesus Saves image, found on this site called Light and Love, along with many other Sunday School images of Jesus, most of them slightly better than a flannel-board.

However, I did find this cool animated GIF of Jesus on the same site.

9. Classic Jesus image from a painting by Walter Sallman (1940) which is found on Sharp Iron. Apart from being a very white Western Jesus, and not very accurate, its a famous print and one that I once bought from a charity shop.

10. The Can-you-see-Jesus-in-a-dog's-butt image on the Religious Quotes and Bumper Stickers site makes Number 10.  Not much I can say about that.

Well there you are. That's the top ten images results on Google. And it might interest you to know Number 14 image on Google is actually a Jesus image on my own site. Not much better than the previous images, though.

But if you really were searching for Jesus then you might want to check out Looking for God. No images but there is a guide on how to meet him personally. I also recommend Jesus.org.