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Talking at World Vision about mission and social media

This Wednesday (Feb 2) I am speaking at the World Vision chapel service at 8:30am. Address is 51 Hugo Johnston Drive, Penrose, Auckland. If you can stay longer, I am speaking to a smaller group at 9:30 on how I think New Zealand churches and ministries could greatly enhance their impact through social media, blogging and through an online presence. This is one of the priorities for the church that we discussed in Cape Town at Lausanne World Congress and this is my second talk to mission leaders about their role. First was at USCWM in California.

Thanks to Mark Pierson for the invitation. Come along if you have time

NZ: Attending Parachute Festival

Update: In 2012 we will be at PassionFest and not Parachute Festival.

Original Post: OK. We arrived safely in New Zealand and are about to attend Parachute Festival, New Zealands largest Christian music festival. Actually, Parachute is NZ's largest music festival of any kind with about 25,000 people coming each year. Thats a little larger than Greenbelt in UK and a little smaller than Cornerstone in USA.

Parachute festival 2011

Best Bets for Parachute? I'm not sure. I havent been back in NZ for over a decade and really dont know which speakers or presenters or artists I should be looking out for.

However, some friends of mine will be there . . .

My good mate Mark Pierson will be at the World Vision display and I assume is speaking somewhere - in fact, if he is not speaking somewhere then I wish to speak to the management. Mark just released one of the best books I read in 2010 called The Art of Curating Worship - an amazing, emotional, historical book on the alt. worship movement and the whys and hows of curating worship.

Mark is also organising an event for me in Auckland for some key pastors and leaders on Feb 2 - yes I am pimping my own non-Parachute meeting now - I will be speaking on how NZ churches and missions can get up to speed on social media and will be highlighting some of the social media and storytelling priorities that we discussed in Cape Town at Lausanne World Congress last September. Email me if you wish to be part of this group. tallskinnykiwi at gmail dot com

Also, back to Parachute here, my friend Dave White is doing a Bob Dylan trib on Sunday night and playing the country hits of Christian music on mainstage Saturday night.

Anyone else? Someone throw me a bone.

Oh and if you are like me and having trouble finding the location on the official website, Parachute 2011 will be held at the Mystery Creek Events Centre, 125 Mystery Creek Rd, Mystery Creek, Hamilton.

Stay tuned and I will send up few blog posts with the best of Parachute and what I think NZ could offer the world.

Twitter - #Parachute2011

Pilgrimage with me in 2011

2010 was a busy year of travel for our family. 25 countries in one year is crazy . ..  but fun. Most nights we wild camped somewhere free and  . . . wild . .  and in the day times we were exploring and encouraging some of the most creative solutions to the worlds most compelling problems. Out of the 25 countries I dragged my family into in 2010, the places that made the strongest impressions were Morocco, Albania, Macedonia, Czech Republic and Germany. Least favourite was the border into Serbia. Sorry Serbians. I dont bribe!!!

2011 will be just as interesting. Less coutries but just as strategic. I am looking for places where God is at work and people are launching missional social enterprises to address the greatest problems in their world. And as you know, I am always interested in how spiritual communities of faith are springing up and what they look like.

Follow me in 2011 and I will do my best to show you the world that God loves, or at least what I experience in the places we go this year.

Follow my thoughts on here on tallskinnykiwi. Foilow our family [and the silly side of our journeys] on Jonesberries

Right now we are in Los Angeles, California. We leave next week for a few months in Asia including New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia and some other places that I will tell you about when I am gone.

By May, we will be back in Europe to pick up our 4x4 truck/motorhome. Highlights will be London, Kirchentag in Dresden where I will show you what 100,000 German Protestants look like when they all come together, then off to Prague, Poland, possibly Scandanavia and then down to Turkey.

From Turkey, insha'Allah [God willing], we will attempt to drive across Iran and Pakistan to reach India and Nepal.

Support? We have about half of our support promised but still need the other half. In USA we had one or two churches say they will support us. YEAH Gateway Baptist! - you guys will get a special place on my sidebar!!!! This will be fantastic since we lost our CMS salary last March and have been without a regular income for almost a year. We still need a few more churches ..  . really.

We are also raising funds for the various projects we are supporting around the world and I will be sending out some proposals for these this month to various Foundations that we have built relationships with. If you have a Foundation or Trust and would like to partner, please email me and lets start talking. tallskinnykiwi at gmail dot com

Pray for safety. Pray for our truck to do well. Pray for the young people who travel with us and those we meet along the way. Pray for a good home-schooling experience for our children, aged 13 to 17, who travel with us.

And please tell us what you are doing for God in 2011 so we can journey with you. Lets pilgrimage together!


Our family is having a great time in Thousand Oaks, CA, staying at the home of Michael and Rita Warren who are connected to Christian Associates Intl and have been in the TV business for many years. Michael was the producer and writer behind many of the shows I watched as a kid, including Happy Days and the Partridge Family. I met Rita last summer in Germany when I was the speaker for the CAI gathering.

Jonny Baker blogs on Starting from Zero with $0, a book by Becky Garrison that tells stories from ministries launching their projects with little or no funding. I contributed a few stories to the book, being the stingy b... that I am and actually ENJOYING the challenge of starting from zero.

The Andrew Jones Daily Twitter paper has had a name change. Starting tomorrow it will be the TallSkinnyKiwi Daily. Same thing, different name. The reason why it is sooo successful is because I have the best friends in the world that I follow on Twitter.

Our daughters Hannah's pre-birthday party today at Chuck-E-Cheese because we are flying away on the 12th and arriving in NZ on the 14th, thus missing her birthday on the 13th.

Dinner tonight with Alan and Deb Hirsch. Should be a fun time.

Talkin' 'bout storytelling and media in Los Angeles

I am speaking twice in Los Angeles - an informal retelling of a bible story at a church and a boring lecture at a mission organization. Come along and say hi if you get the chance.

1. At the Tribe of LA community on Sunday [Jan 9] I am telling the story of the Samaritan woman in John 4 and discussing the fine art of life-streaming in today's world. Should be pretty casual.

2. At the US Center for World Mission [Jan 11] I am giving a talk on social media and the great commission in what I have called the "1024 Window".

"We are familiar with the idea of the 10/40 window as a geographical grid to view the world's population and their access to the gospel. The 1024 window is a way to understand accessibly to the gospel through new media and the internet. 1024 pixels represents one line of pixels on most of the world's computer displays (1280x1024, for example) as well as digital camera footage (divisible by 1024 pixels), phone displays (1024x480) and even the new iPad (1024x768)


With 2 billion people now online, and another billion coming soon, it is a common experience for many people to have their first interaction with the gospel through a computer screen or  phone. And for many others around the globe, the screen has become the primary means for communication with other Christians as well as accessing, storing and retrieving and passing on information.


We have seen the birth of the cyber-church, online communities, evangelistic web events based on synchronized aggregations of Christian content, and millions of people clicking a widget to indicate a decision for Christ. This is just the beginning."

This talk will deal with the potential for social media to impact the 2 billion online people through storytelling and online publishing, as well as look back at some historical precedents to get some bearing on where we are now. The USCWM is well remembered for mapping out unreached people groups but there are other ways to map out the world also, as the image below suggests.

world map based on social media

Image source. HT Dion

Moolala: Saving money and supporting our work

Moolala is a brand new internet company just launched by my friends in Texas. I have mentioned Tony and Felicity Dale [house2house] before on this blog. They are medial doctors who are involved in global mission movements and hope this new company, started by them and their two sons, will give away huge amounts to mission as well as saving people like you and me some cash in our online purchases.


Check it out and let me know your thoughts. It might have the potential to help a lot of us.

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Vintage Faith Church on Sunday

Ahhhhhh . .  [YAWN] . . . that was a long blogging break but it felt really good. I just had a very people-intensive Christmas and New Years celebration with lots and lots of people up and down the West Coast of USA.

This might be my return to regular blogging . . . but no promises.

This Sunday (Jan 2) I am speaking at all 3 services at Vintage Faith Church in Santa Cruz. Whewwww! Glad there are only 3! I will be telling the story of Jesus and the demoniac and trying to explain what Jesus meant when he said that if his disciples had faith, they could tell a mountain to move and it would.

We all have mountains to move in 2011 and we all need faith but it will help to dig into what Jesus was talking about when he said that.

Screen shot 2011-01-01 at 8.03.38 PM.pngI

Vintage Faith Church is a great church and its the home of Pastor Dan Kimball who I haven't seen for . . . oh . . . about a decade. You might have read his books The Emerging Church and They Like Jesus But Not The Church, both very very good books.


Dan is famous for his rock-hard gel-assisted always-vertical rockabilly hair but I will probably not discuss that at all from the pulpit. Not even a passing mention. Although the mountain I am using as an image for my message, which happens to be Half Dome from Yosemite, sure reminds me of Dan's hair. Or is that just me?

Screen shot 2011-01-01 at 8.34.55 PM.png

Once I saw the perfect camper van for Dan . . .


But I wont mention that either.

So if you live in Santa Cruz, come and hear me speak and see a few photos of our journeys through 25 countries in 2010 in our 4x4 truck that takes our family into some amazing situations where God is doing great things.