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Parachute: Largest Christian Event in the Southern Hemisphere

Thats what the word is down here in Hamilton, New Zealand at Parachute Festival 2011. 25,000 people are coming this weekend. Apparently that makes it the "largest Christian event of any kind in the Southern hemisphere" . . .or in other words . .  IT BEATS THOSE BLODDY AUSSIES and makes all their wimpy Christian events look barren and pitiful!

Parachute starts in a few hours. It good to be here.This will be my first time. Parachute, as you know, is primarily a music festival and I, as you also know, have NO TASTE WHATSOEVER IN MUSIC but from what I hear, the best bets at Parachute are Brian "Head" Welch, Elemeno.P, [who I mentioned yesterday] The Lads and Dave White doing Bob Dylan tribute. Dave's my friend so I am biased. I am also biased towards Alaska who were practising at the house we were staying in [thanks Megan Jolly] and one of them plays for Avalanche City who are also good, I hear.

The big picture bible society at parachute 2011

Apart from the music, I recommend the Call and Response movie, which was made by my friend Justin, and its totally worth seeing. Bible Society is showing the world premiere of The Big Picture which I cant wait to see. If I hear anything else I will add it to the blog post.


Some cool stuff at Parachute like . . . THE COOLEST BUS!  . . .

Parachute festival 2011 coolest bus

and the COOLEST HOUSE TRUCK! . . .

Parachute festival 2011 house truck

and the COOLEST SIGN! . . .

Parachute festival 2011 showers

and the COOLEST BLOGGER! . . .

Parachute blogging festival

Hey wait a minute . . . that's me!