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Podcast: New Monasticism as Fresh Expressions

The most hopeful podcasts I have heard all year on the fresh expressions and emerging church. 


"New Monasticism as Fresh Expressions of the Church" as part of the book launch.

Podcast: Number 1 of 3

Podcast: Number 2 of 3

Best part is Bishop Graham Cray's suggestion in the Intro (Number 1) that fresh expressions are not enough on it own and it needs new monastistic expressions which offer 3 things - discipleship, mission, and spirituality. I wholeheartedly agree with Bishop Cray and would humbly add a fourth contribuition of the monastic models - an integration with micro-business enterprise that will help the new expressions become sustainable in the long term.

Hopefully Number 3 of 3 will be released soon and I will put a link to it here.