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"I pray that no more death will be caused by this earthquake", Mika Goto in Japan

Thinking about Japan

I was woken up by another aftershock here in Christchurch, something that happens every night. But now I learn of the earthquake in Japan that was 8000 times stronger than ours, and the number of missiong people from the tsunami is already in the thousands, and it puts things into perspective. Their loss is so much greater than ours and we pray that God will bring peace and relief to those who have lost family and friends.

I have emailed my friend Mika Goto to see if she is OK. After my visit to Japan some years ago, to spend time with the new emerging church leaders there, she has managed to stay in touch and keep me informed of what is happening in the fresh expression scene there. I was really inspired by what I saw and often tell the Japan stories to encourage others.

Hope they are all OK and I wonder how we can help.


update: Mika is awake. She says

i, thanks, yes, i m ok, staying at office in the central tokyo, because trains have been stoped...
and will stay over night...for tonight, with some of my coleague.
i found that my parents are ok.
for some people around me, i heard that they cant contact with each other,
because phone line is too busy or trafric stopped.