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Upstream Collective in Prague: Try the cheese!

The Upstream Collective arrives in Perth for a missions/history experience that is designed to have an impact far beyond the lucky people who are on location.


Welcome to Prague, everyone.

My question for you to consider:

As the Middle East currently goes through a political transition that mirrors Eastern/Central Europe 20 years ago, what can we learn from the church in Czech Republic that might help us react responsibly and helpfully?

On a less syrious note, my practical suggestion, to help you enjoy the city, is to TRY THE CHEESE, and I am talking about the fried cheese known as "Smazeny Sry". Watch the video of Derek Chapman and myself and dont take me seriously when I say that the C[S]yrillic alphabet started with this great dish.

Andrew, Amy, Hannah and myself being ourselves from Derek Chapman on Vimeo.

And if you are following along with the UPstream Collective, here are some more links:

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