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Kirchentag. A party for 120,000 Protestants

Imagine 120,000 Christians descending on a single city for a few days of celebration, teaching, music, food and talk. It's absolutely HUGE! Its the size of 6 Greenbelt Festivals. I'm talking about Kirchentag.

Kirchentag is German for "Church Day", the 33rd German Protestant Church Day to be exact. It happens from June 1 to June 5. And they had the good sense and immaculate taste to invite me to speak there this year. Good on them!

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I love big parties and this one is BIG! About 120,000 German Christians from all over Europe are taking over the city of Dresden. We will be driving our truck up to Dresden and camping out with lots and lots of young people.

Heaps of cool stuff - imagine a Moravian agape meal lead by Moravians from Herrnhutt, Gregorian night prayer and Quaker silent prayer, and Taize worship prayer led by the Taize community from . . Taize, France.

And also plenty of teaching panels and sessions. I am doing a few of those in the youth area and also one important event where I have to behave myself and speak on the subject of Ecumenism. I will probably talk about ecumenism in the area of missional theology, deep ecclesiology, cultural and geographical networking and will mention the example of Dietrich Bonhoeffer who became a subject of interest AGAIN last year through that excellent book.

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Download the English version of the program and read more. And let me know if you want to come along and camp with us. We have some extra tents you might be able to borrow.