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The Cross in China

I was hearing all kinds of conflicting stories about Christianity and the emerging church in China.

So I thought I would pop over and take a look for myself. And last month I did just that - I went to China. Met some great people. Saw some cool stuff. Here are some thoughts and images, that I will start posting over the next few weeks.

The 798 art district in Beijing is a funky place to hang out. You can spend the whole day inside all the galleries and exhibitions housed in recyled military factories. This image below is actually my official computer desktop image right now.


At 798, I saw an installation by artist Yan Lei which involved 3 large pieces curated under the title Eternal Value. This one is says "Eternal Value: Cross"


An explanation:

On the artwork, whose shape resembles that of a cross, he inserted four words: sex, show, speed and suck. The usage of these words is to stress the relation of the artwork with today's popular culture and ideas, stimulating also the psychology of a “Vanity Fair”. Link

At 798 there is also a huge statue of Jesus on the cross which had a sign below it saying "Man at Work".


Jesus really is at work in China. More images and thoughts later.