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My 3 talks for Cornerstone Festival are coming together. Let me know if you will be there.


The first one will cover what has happened with church from the mid 1980's onwards and the 10 main streams of the global emerging church movement. Remember that we are having a roundtable event for leaders from about 39 nations so there will be a good mixture of folk there. The second will cover the impact of social media and blogging on mission and church  - ie, church 2.0. And the third will look at the future of missions in a greener, leaner mission landscape and how young people are turning the world upside down through missional social enterprise. Pioneer stuff . . you know . . for normal people who want to save the world on a budget.


BONUS: Northern Seminary, in a creative partnership with Cornerstone Festival, is offering Masters level credit for some of the seminars. My seminar, which the organizers have given the most interesting title at the Festival, is included in that line up. Seminar schedule now online.

A fuller explanation of the 3 talks is here. Let me know if you can make it.

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