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Church without a wall video

Some churches send their people out to impact the community and world beyond them. Others have heavy programs inside the church designed to draw them into the building.

There is some hard feelings on this issue. Its been suggested that the dichotomy between attractional vs. missional church was a little unfair and has created a gap that isnt really there.

Others say its a helpful way of understanding two different outlooks on how a church views its ministry focus - either flowing outwards into the community or drawing people into ministry of the church.

A new video from Peter Dominey of Church From Scratch sketches the difference. What do you think?

Survived Cornerstone. Leaving USA.

I am at the tiny airport in Peoria, Illinois and about to board my plane to Detroit, then Paris, then Prague where my family awaits me. Cornerstone Festival was really good. Such lovely generous people. The Roundtable went well but there were a lot of people that could not swing the plane ticket to get there. And we are all quite busy, coming and going, so we had a different crowd of people each time and I don't think we were ever all together at the same time. The Brazilians were a strong presence and we decided to hold the next roundtable meeting in Brazil next year. The two Romanians made a big sound as well.

No wifi at Cornerstone which I hope will change in the future. Every festival needs a little geek tent with power sockets and free wifi. It they build it, we will come.

However, its been nice to take a mandatory blogging break and I might take a few days to get back in the mood again.

But for now, its back to my voluntary job of previewing movies on international flights: a non-paying but quite rewarding profession that I commit to when I get the chance, esp. after wearing myself out at a big event.