Bulgaria and Romania
Blog a Koran Day. Sep 11, 2011

Bats in Transylvania

Yep, we are in Transylvaaaania [say it with a drawn-out Dracula accent followed by sadistic laugh], Romaaaania and there really are bats everywhere. At nighttime, anyway. There are a whoppin' 9 people in our truck and we are zooming across to the Black Sea and then down to visit a ministry in Varna, Bulgaria. Lovely people here in Romania. Very friendly. No vampire jokes, please.

The first camping ground we found, Camping International in Timosoara, wanted to charge us 55 Euros which we felt was a rip off. So we have been sleeping at rest areas and next to restaurants to save some money. Although we all need a shower now and we might find a camping ground soon. This one looks interesting . . .

Vampire Camping