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Rowan Williams on Fresh Expressions

"I believe very strongly that whether we're talking about inherited models of church or fresh expressions, the real heart for the next generation is pretty well bound to be in those small groups of people working at their relationships, at their understanding, together, quietly, in the long term." Dr Rowan Wlliams, Changing the Landscape

It is suggested [but not confirmed] that Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams might retire next year. Not sure if that is accurate or not. But either way, he has been a great friend and guide to the next generation. His support of the fresh expressions movement is something we hope to see imitated by other countries.

I highly recommend reading his address called Changing the Landscape, given earlier this year, in which Dr Williams adds some great balance to the conversation  - the need for small groups (cells) and the importance of the big event. The reality of the "mixed economy" and at the same time the necessity of allowing Jesus to hold together all those differences. Great stuff.

Rowan Williams 2007