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The Nines Conference.

Hey I just remembered that today is the Nines conference which is the best online conference I know of. Over 100 speakers. 5 minutes each. And this year its PERSONAL with many of the speakers sharing about their family and their time and other stuff.

I am speaker number 13 and I thought I had missed my video but  . . guess what . .  I come on in about 10 minutes

So take your eyeballs over to TheNines and watch me talk about my incredible family  - my longsuffering wife and my 5 kids who have traveled with me to 5 continents in the past 18 months. And how my family is able to put up with me without going absolutely INSANE.

This program has some study questions and I just happen to be around for a bit so if you have some questions then fire away in the comments below.

The nines