Transporting Blankets for Turkish Earthquake
Reformation Day, 2011

Turkey Earthquake: Delivery

Success! We made it all the way to eastern Turkey and delivered the goods - hundreds of blankets, baby food, warm winter clothes and other items donated by kind people (mainly Kurdish) people in Antalya.

The team: Selchuk, who kindly navigated and translated for us, Priscilla from Germany (Jesus Freaks) and me.


Turkey earthquake 2 480

We were a little worried about getting mobbed like some other trucks here. But they had set up a distribution center so it was much more organized and less anarchic than we feared.

Earthquake turkey 1After the delivery, we got a little lost. Many roads were blocked off and we ended up driving through the most devastated areas including the city of Ercis.

Earthquake flattened house

More soon.