A school in the garbage city.
King Tut and his ear plugs

I tell you a story about Egypt

Some stories go viral because they somehow capture the heart of whats going on. This one has been told to me here in Egypt a few times now, by different people. I ask about the revolution and what God might be doing. They reply . .

"I tell you a story."

And tears well up in their eyes and they choke their way through this story. Here's the story.

On January 5, 2011, a woman runs into a church and prays loudly, disturbing all the Orthodox Christians. She falls on the floor and shouts out,

"God I have prayed to you and you have not heard me. But now I pray to you, Jesus. Save my son."

The church responded by calling security. They thought she might have a bomb. The police arrive and take her away for questioning. She tells the police her son, Mohammed, was innocent of a drugs charge but sent to jail. For 25 years he has been in prison. Her prayers for his release have gone unanswered. Now she wants to ask Jesus.

So they let her go. A few weeks later, on January 28th, she has a dream. She sees Jesus standing there saying, "Here is your son!"

Then she wakes up and her son walks in to her room. It's really him. The revolution has broken out and the prison was burned, the prisoners walked out and so he came home. The mother is so overjoyed she goes to where the revolution is taking place and joins the "mosh", shouting to everyone, "Jesus is God! Jesus is God!"

As for her son's court case to determine if he should return to jail or not, well . .  the court burned down and all the papers were destroyed. There is no record of her son. He is free. He is free indeed.