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The Skinny on Egypt's Prayer Gathering

"I saw signs of the beginning of revival that I have never seen before!" an Egyptian evangelical leader told us yesterday.

On 11.11.11, Egypt had a historic prayer meeting that we attended. It was amazing and we were so privileged to be there. Egyptian leaders are telling us there has been a significant spiritual "shift" in their country and we are trying to make sense of it all.

Egypt prayer 11 11 11

Here's the skinny:

- 71,000 attended the all-night prayer meeting in Cario.

- It was the largest Christian event in Egypt for over a thousand years

- It was held at the cave church on Cairo's largest garbage city, Mokattam. This church is called St Simeon the Tanner Coptic Orthodox Church.

- The gospel was proclaimed during the Prayer event and some people responded to the challenge call to follow Jesus.

- Prayers for healing were made at midnight and some people were healed of physical problems.

- Since the event, one Egyptian Christian leader told us "The heavens are clean! It is easy to pray!" He calls it the beginning of revival.

- Up to a month ago, there was absolutely no promotion for this event. No flyers. In fact, the organizer was still undecided on whether to host it on Friday or Saturday.

- It was an Egyptian event. Buses took people to this event from all over Egypt. Our small group of foreigners were the only foreigners were saw, except for one Welsh girl who recognized me. [That was strange]

- In September 2009, a prayer meeting was held in Egypt where the leaders, including the main organizer of this event, heard God say that President Mubarak would receive "no grace" in 2011. They also heard God tell them that there would be bloodshed, persecution and the burning of churches. But if God's people would come, and hear His voice, and repent, then He would hear their prayers.

- The passage on repentance that was referenced in the 2009 prayer meeting was the Bible passage read at the beginning of the prayer service. "If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.2 Chronicles 7:14

- On 9th October, 2011, when many Coptic Christians were killed in Cairo, Christian leaders met for 3 days of prayer. During this time, they announced their intention of a prayer event for Egypt, which culminated in this event.

- Muslims joined Christians for prayer at this event and they were told by the Priest that they did not have to change their religion but they needed to know that there is one Saviour, Isa [Jesus Christ].

- Since the prayer meeting a few days ago, Cairo has experienced highly unusual rain, clouds, lightning and thunder during a month which normally gets only .15 cms of rain.

- In a decision by Pope Shenouda III the day before the meeting, evangelical leaders were banned from the stage. Dr Rev Sameh Maurice, Pastor of Cairo's largest evangelical church called Kasr El Dobara, was scheduled to lead prayer on the main stage but instead stood and prayed among the participators without complaining. This was the church that sold us the tickets to attend the prayer meeting.

- Last Wednesday, Father Simon, who started the cave church [The Monastery of St Simeon the Tanner], had a vision of a bright light and a mountain that was lifted up and removed. He was told to prophesy and heard God say that "you will hear wonderful news this year!"

These are the facts I heard. Please comment below if you would like to add further clarity to these facts or want to add more information about the event last Friday and its impact. I took some video but don't have a usb cable right now to download it. Shortly . . . enshallah.