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The wonderful and lonely path of Dieter Zander

Dieter Zander is one of those guys who make a huge impact on you. In the eighties he pioneered one of the first GenX churches in USA. In the nineties was a well-known pastor and worship leader at Willow Creek. But even then he was a lovely person [its possible!!!] and success had not gone to his head. He and his family moved to San Francisco at the encouragement of a few people, including myself, to follow a harder path. But that path became even move difficult when he endured a major stroke and found himself unable to lead worship or function as a minister.

He calls it "this wonderful and lonely path."

Since then, he has been gaining physical coordination very slowly. He has also become quite the photographer. I got an email today from him and it points to a YouTube video in which he shows some of his work as part of his own struggle and narrative. It's called Stroke of Silence. Thanks Dieter, you are an amazing individual.