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American church: Not dead yet

"Most of our churches are built around feeding consumers." Mike Breen

My English friend Mike Breen just wrote an article called "An Obituary for the American Church" in which he outlines 3 problems he believes could kill it: a culture of Celebrity, Consumerism and Competition.

Not dead yet church

Well said. I agree with Mike and recommend reading his article. But I think the "obituary" word is a little too alarming for me.

There is hope for the American church. Its not dead yet. Not by a long shot.

Mike Breen is right that the American church needs to reject its Celebrity, Consumeristic Competitive nature that stem from its temptations of Appetite, Affirmation and Ambition [Mike alliterates like a good Baptist] but there is a huge stock of examples and stories from America's past that will help it move into more holistic, effective ministry in the future. This is happening already and its good to see.

I met Mike Breen at St Thomas Crookes,  Sheffield in 2000. An amazing church with an amazing history. Mike has just blogged some of that story and why he chose movement over mega-church. I had the privilege of preaching there a few years later.