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Is the number 666 really on our barcodes?

A blog reader asked if the number 666 is somehow integrated into the barcodes. This has been a discussion for over 30 years among Christians.


I asked my friend David Allis who is not only a Christian man but is also a leading seller of barcodes, to reply to the question, "Do all barcodes have the number 666 in them?'. He replied immediately [Thanks David]

"Nope they don't. 666 isn't encoded into all barcodes. However, we can put it in a barcode if you really want it :-)"

Of course I ordered 6 of them. But what about the QR barcode ?

Screen Shot 2012 02 23 at 1 17 46 PM

Looks pretty innocent at first appearance . . . Which is reassuring because this QR code was generated from the TALLSKINNYKIWI URL. Nothing sinister going on here.

Or is there?

Wait a flippin minute . . . WHAT DO I SEE HERE?????????

Barcode 666 qr

Not only is there a BIG DIRTY 666 on this barcode, [HELP ME Jesus!!!!] but I can also see two devil's horns, Marilyn Manson's right eye, a backwards masked image of Ozzy Osbourne's evil cat, and the ISBN number of Hal LIndsay's "Satan is Alive and Well on Planet Earth."

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