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Thoughts on that silly video

No I haven't seen the Innocence of Muslims video and I don't intend to watch it. The fallout is enough.

Here's some thoughts:

- Terry Jones should NOT have promoted or shown the movie. It shows the same lack of judgement that caused him to attempt a Koran burning 2 years ago - something that I felt was very very wrong. This is the reason I started Blog a Koran Day to help create some understanding.

Any chance we can send Dog the Bounty Hunter to serve up Pastor Terry's warrant and read a few Bible verses at the same time?

Dog the bounty hunter 

- The Coptic Christians from Egypt involved in the film have disgraced the Coptic Church, of which I now have some deep connections from my visit to Cairo last year. They should have known better. 

- ALSO, I agree with Brian McLaren that evangelical Christianity in USA has an issue with Islamophobia that it refuses to address. 

PLEASE READ MY POST called Random Thoughts on living with Muslims in which I outline some ways in which our family has learned to live with and among Muslims.

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