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4 Things NOT to do in Prague

I just wrote a post on what NOT to do in Prague as well as what to do for Hostels in Prague.

What NOT to do:

Its not difficult to have a good experience in Prague. Its a city for meandering slowly, appreciating the architecture, reflecting on its history, taking a photo, getting lost, and finding a beer to consider how to get back to your hostel.

Before I suggest 4 things to do in Prague, here are some things I hope you will not do during your time in Prague.


– Don’t ride a Sedgeway. Damn! Just walk the old fashioned way.

– Don’t get stuck in the tourist area. The beers are twice the price and the food is expensive also. There are exceptions (Kozel restaurant between Old Town and Charles Bridge attracts the locals).

– Don’t shop. Its probably not any cheaper here to buy stuff and if you are coming from USA, you will find better deals at home for the same goods. I suggest buying a few gifts for bringing home but apart from that, the best things in this city are free.

-. Don’t go to Starbucks or MacDonalds. Dont even go to TGI Fridays. Czech pubs normally have Wifi and the food is great.