Writing for a Commentary

Andrewbooks100-1Don't disturb me. I am writing an essay for a commentary on Acts. My slice is 10:1 - 13:52 which i see as the hinge of Luke's account - its where the deep transitions of the Christian church take place - Jew to Gentile, Peter to Paul, Jerusalem to Antioch-Pisidia. One of the themes for the whole book is that of the apostles "wiping the dust off their feet" in protest to the Jews who did not receive their message. What was unique to that transition and what parts of that are played out today?

If you have any strong thoughts, or links to articles that might help me, please let me know. I find it hard to write articles and essays, but easier to write blog posts .. . so i am writing it in my blog editor and pretending its a long post. But that doesn't mean that it will be blogged here, because it wont.

BTW - did you hear about the Irish lass who came to church pushing a wheelbarrow full of sweet potatoes? Her pastor asked her what they were for. She replied, "Dere fur you . . . yer always complainin' aboot da common taters!"

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Reading the Bible All The Way

Mike from Our Daily Bible Blog said that 127 people signed up yesterday and 70 the day before. Not too late to join up and travel with us as we read the Bible all the way from cover to cover in 2006. What you may not know is the incredible amount of images that are interspersed with the readings. Once I have clicked on the link from my News Reader and read my 3 or 4 chapters, I check out the art inside the commentary. Its very cool! This image is from yesterday's page.


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Reading the Bible in 2006

I am getting an early start on reading the Bible through in 2006. I am embarrassed to say that I didn't stick to the plan in 2005 but instead meandered off and ended up reading and re-reading the passages I prefer and that support my greatest theories. Thats not always a good thing. I like it better when the Scriptures challenge my thinking and make me change my mind or think differently. That often happens when I find myself in Biblical territory that I don't normally wander into. And thats why a daily reading plan is essential.

Its also a really good idea to read the whole Bible through each year to gain a wider perspective and see patterns that you wouldn't see otherwise. When I first opened my heart to God as a teenager, I read 3-4 chapters of the Bible every day so that I could make it through the whole Bible every year. I never missed a single day for the first six years. After that, it has been more sporadic and adventuresome, although not as regular and disciplined. But I miss that regularity.

So 2006 is approaching and I have already started on the Bible reading plan - hoping to get a running start to the New Year. At the very top of my NewsReader box is the RSS feed for One Year Bible Blog. Since I use my NewsReader so much during the day, there is no way to avoid my Bible readings. And the good people at OneYearBibleBlog send out pictures and thoughts to accompany the readings so its a multi-media start to my day.
The feed is Atom or RSS but you should visit there and sign up for the email as well.

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Prov 28:17


Found and edited this image of Cain and Abel (anonymous artist) yesterday from One Year Bible Blog. I have failed miserably to keep up with this particular Bible reading schedule this year emoticonbut I still get the notes from the daily readings in my RSS reader - in fact, I have moved the feed to the top of my RSS list because its the best feed I have each day. Thanks Mike and the team for your extra notes, thoughts, and images. Good to see Gollum yesterday. Count me in for 2006.

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Blogging and Great Bible Passages

I read Charles Spurgeon's Morning By Morning devotion this morning and I was thinking again about blogging.

“He that watereth shall be watered also himself.” --Proverbs 11:25 We are here taught the great lesson, that to get, we must give; that to accumulate, we must scatter; that to make ourselves happy, we must make others happy; and that in order to become spiritually vigorous, we must seek the spiritual good of others. In watering others, we are ourselves watered.“

When I am blogging, Bible verses like this often come to mind and influence what I say or how I say it. Or how I respond to the comments. I guess there are about 20 Bible verses that keep looping in my mind. Many have something to do with publishing or giving away. Like Spurgeon's verse this morning, and this one . . .
What Bible passages have been meaningful to you in your blogging?

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