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Seeking unity in the Egyptian Revolution

Egypt: 33 bodies in the main Cairo morgue right now. Might be more in Alexandria and other cities. 1700 injured, many blinded by rubber bullets. Last month's violence against Coptic Christians, which resulted in 23+ deaths, was the bloodiest sectarian violence in Egypt in 60 years. This week, things got even worse.

Its a mixed bag. The horror of death and the pain of persecution but also the hopeful signs of revival among the Christians, evidenced by last weeks all night prayer meeting which attracted 71,000 people [video], and attempts at unity among Muslims and Christians.

In Cairo, we interviewed one of the guys who has been working inside the revolution to bring peace between Muslims and Christians. This is the Cross and the Crescent T-shirt he created to reflect his heart for peace and harmony.

Cross and crescent egypt

In the first video, he shares about the death of his brother during the riots but, as he says, he "still has to show the love."

[video taken down for some editing. sorry]

In the second video, he talks about his efforts to bring God's peace among the people and the Egyptian revolution that he says was stolen.

[video taken down for some editing]

The third video is about the crescent and the cross, how Egypt can be rebuilt when Christians and Muslims learn to love each other. Its still uploading. Link soon.

Global Faith Forum: Day 2

Back at the Global Faith Forum at Northwood Church, Keller, Texas. Bob Roberts has done a superb job of adding the right tone to this event. Humor goes a long way and Bob is quick to make fun of everyone and put all the speakers and guests at ease.

Some highlights today:

Ray Bakke
talking on cities: "Some people have a missiology for the city but others have a theology of the city." Nice. I last heard him speak at the Emerging Urban Leaders gathering in Washington DC in 1998. Good to see him again.

Najeeba Syeed-MillerRight now, Najeeba Syeed-Miller, is talking to us about the complexities of Islam hermaneutics  - how the Koran and the teachings of Mohammad come together in a way that is not universal for all Muslims. Her session is called "This is Islam: What is core to our faith?"


OK - you have been expecting me to say something about the New Zealand's spectacular undefeated appearance at the FIFA 2010 World Cup . .  and here it is.

Paraguay could not beat the Kiwis.
Slovakia???? Nope!!
Not even Italy, the defending world champions, could beat the Kiwis.

That's because the KIWIS ARE UNBEATABLE!

And for my English friends, who are still licking their wounds after their frustrating draw with USA, and narrow win against Slovenia, may I remind you of this . . .

Telegraph's embarrassing prediction [Nov 1999] "Although celebrating only their second appearance in a finals tournament, New Zealand's collection of lower-league players is unlikely to pose any real threat at World Cup 2010 . . . Telegraph verdict: Only their second World Cup Finals, they will struggle to gain a point in South Africa and would appear to be the whipping boys of any group with their collection of journeymen and lower league players. . . "

Whipping boys, ay ???. . . I DON'T THINK SO because nobody  . . ..  NOBODY . .  not even the world champions . .  whipped the Kiwis! They are unbeatable AND undefeatable! As I said.

Final word from Nat King Cole who has been watching the games from the heavenly grandstands and just appeared in a dream to tell me something:

Thanks Nat. We hear ya!

NZ also shook things up by bringing the first female team doctor in the 80 year history of the FIFA World Cup.

And speaking of unbeatable kiwis, did you know my cousin Genevieve runs New Zealand's most unbeatable and undefeatable food blog? Its called Genevieve's Cuisine. Genevieve, in case you given to NZ trivia, is the daughter of my Uncle Neil McGough, unbeatable symphony conductor, and the man who gave Kiri Te Kanawa her first break into the music industry.
According to Kiri's biography,  "Her first break came in 1962 when conductor, Neil McGough, auditioned her for the Maori musical, Unwane. McGough said: "She got the job after three bars", and released an album which converted her into "a new musical star"."

When I was young, Uncle Neil listened to me attempt to play the piano but he wasn't NEARLY as impressed with me as he was with Kiri's musical talent. He didn't even ask me to sing for him. I guess we can't all be unbeatable and undefeatable Kiwis. Some of us are just ordinary Kiwis. But the world needs some of them also.