Missing my friends (updated)

Shannon Hopkins and Jessica Stricker have gone back to USA. I miss them already. Its been great having Shannon around for the past few months. And great to have Jessica come over for her birthday. Crowded House just played on my internet station and i was thinking of her and her retro-80's tastes. (Makes me want to grow a mullet!) Hope the next chapter in your journey goes well!

And on top of that, Julie Blick leaves tomorrow for USA and her sister Cindy left a few days ago for Ireland. The blick girls were in my youth group 12 years ago, and have been living with us in London for about 6 months.

Getting lonely around here . . . . where is everyone going? Maybe my wife and I can move back into a bedroom after a year sleeping in the living room?

Anyway, I am cooking up another incredible curry and am about to serve it up. Great beef curry. Really great!

"Church" today with newly-weds.

What church will i go to today?
- Well, we are all going over to the home of Phutan and Maggie for what they call a "fellowship meal". I have a feeling this could be the start of a new "church" - one with couches, food, a juice machine, a bible and a sunday paper. This couple not only blogged on their wedding day earlier this month, they also kept blogging on their honeymoon in greece. Phutan also blogged his incredibly profound and romantic wedding vows, at our request. The wedding order image is here and i will be uploading a movie i made soon - of the boots in the wedding. maggie was married in her doc martins.
- Later today is "Fea5t", a post-alt.worship church in Hackney that started last week. I have been attending the meetings that led to its birth, but could not be there for the big moment.
- At 9pm on my computer is Cyberchurch at Church of Fools,, which is almost a week old.
- And of course i am logging into other bloggers today, to see how they are doing - since these people are also part of my "church".
- I just sent a report to my team members at DAWN. We at DAWN Europe meet 4x a year to check in with each other - something that we would see as a significant part of our church experience.
- And next week, other parts of my church known as Emergent Village will be meeting together (without me) on Tuesday.
- And on a larger scale, by my famiy's participation in our visible church expressions today, we form part of the church of the city of London, where we live - a church shared by all who follow Jesus in this big city.
So. What church do i go to?
Same church as you.

Want something great to read today? Check out Phutan's wedding vows . . .
called "A Husbands Love"
"Greater love has no man than that he lay down his life for another.

Maggie, I will sacrifice my life for you, if the time comes I will give my life up in your place.
I will gladly die for you but more than this I will live for you.
Live to honour you to lift you up to make you feel the most loved person who has ever lived.
I will live to make each day a brighter day because I am here with you.
I will make the mundane days into the glorious.
The difficult days will be like climbing to the summit of a mountain together, and if you can’t make the last few steps I will carry you,
I will carry you to see the dawn ahead.

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Magz Wedding

004_1Wedding tomorrow and we are busy with preperations. Debbie is sewing, and Samuel is putting video together for our VJ mix to be projected on the wall at the wedding.
Who's getting married? Glad you asked. Maggie Blick was one of the girls in my youth group in Perth. W. Australia. She moved to London, just like her two younger sisters. One of them, Cindy, is living with us right now.
Anyway, Magz met Phouc-Tan (who was living with us last month), fell in love, and now they are getting married. They are a very cool couple - and they blog at Duo.
Maggie wrote an excellent novel called Remembering Malcolm MacQuarrie. One of the characters in the novel is a funny old out-of-touch pastor who bears absolutely no resemblance to the cool/with-it/wicked youth pastor she was blessed with 12 years ago. The tall skinny one, that is.

Brian O'Connell to Make Pizza this Friday

The guest of honor at this Friday's pizza party in the Jones kitchen is Brian O'Connell, Stirrer, Networker, Publisher of Impressive Documents, and Collaborator of Really Really Important Events. Brian has been working in Seattle with WEF (World Evangelical Fellowship) and Interdev, but is now getting his mind around some new projects.
We met in Malaysia, at the Great Commission Roundtable in 2001. And last year in Dallas at some other mission event. But now, in the shadow of the ominously rising pizza dough, accompanied with the smell of garlic and basil, we will conspire once again for the strategic placement of elements on the base . . . pizza base, that is.

Want to join us? Don't take this as an open invitation, and your football team is definitely NOT invited, but if you will be in London, and are not bored by missiological discussion, then you should come over for some pizza. Send me an email. We have room for a few more.

Small world

I am writing this from the offices of blogger Si Johnston and friends at Oasis, the people that run the site and the Headspace alternative worship service on Sunday nights. This is the church building where Emergent had an event with Brian MacLaren a few months ago and i got to meet some of the crew here. They have given me the official WiFi password so i can get online anytime i am in the area, or even just walking by their church. Thanks guys.
A few blocks away is the CMS centre, where I was meeting with Jonny Baker and others on Monday. Very connected city this London.
Speaking of connected, we were talking about blogger Andrew Hamilton, currently mentioned on Jonny's site and also on Si's site. Well, Hamo, who blogs at Backyardmissionary, has been a friend since we were both teenagers at Maylands Baptist Church in Perth, W. Australia. Si also just met with Shannon and Tamsin last week.
Hows that for a small world?