Recycled Spam

May 05, 2005

Dealing with FundySpam

" . . .my Fundy commentators and readers are generally the worst behaved people on the internet - interupting discussions, trying to steal readership, and other internet sins that my pagan friends would not stoop to. So, I dont want an immediate crossover between this blog and my others because I dont want FundyFear to intimidate my conversation and i dont want to live like a haemophiliac in a razor factory. (no offence intended to haemophiliacs)
Me, in a comment on why I dont link all my sites Link

Comment spam on our blogs always comes at the worst time - when we are traveling or blogfasting and have gone a few days without internet access. When you finally get online, there is all kinds of nasty stuff in the comments section of your blog. An enemy has done this, and it happened while you were sleeping, away and vulnerable. Happened to me last week. . .

Read on to hear about: FundySpammers, (and PornoSpammers, MarketSpammers, FlamerSpammers, ReligiousSpammers) and what to do about them.

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May 15, 2004

I like filters

The amount of information available to me
at any moment is overwhelming.
Give me a filter over a funnel anyday.
I like filters
and not funnels

I am deluged with numbers
swamped by words.
Information chases me/pursues me with
bloodhound persistance
Messages, almost all of them meaningless,
are laying seige to my email box
looking for pinhole portals to enter my world
and become an entity.

(more on recycled spam)

May 01, 2004

Recycled Spam

recycledspam150 This is a new series that starts today and will run for . . . I dont know . . . a month? Until you get bored with it? The name is Recycled Spam and you can read an intro or just jump straight into it. To make it easier to find, I will be putting up a permanent badge on the sidebar as soon as i get time (off to a wedding right now - I get to say the prayer AND be the VJ afterwards.
So. Enjoy the series. We will explore the internet, new media, blogging, digital storytelling and the place of the emerging church in all of that. I'[m excited! It will be great for me to get all my stuff together and put it down here. It will probably become a hypertexted mini-encyclopedia when it is finished - an perhaps give birth to a paper (old media) expression. But first, it needs to see the light of day on our computer screens, and it needs your input to make it complete.
YOU COMPLETE ME!!!. (Wish i knew sign language)