Tallskinnykiwi on Problogger and why the Reformed bloggers are beating the Emerging Bloggers

My humble little blog gets a mention and a link today in Darren's Problogger blog [one is the biggest blogs in the world] as "the first blog that I had ever read". Thanks! Darren's post is about the place of links in today's blogging world. He ends with 2 tips from Matt Cutts for attracting links:

1) making great content that will attract links in the first place, and 2) choosing a site architecture that makes your site usable/crawlable for humans and search engines alike.”

A related converstation is Ed Stetzer on the recent Top 100 Church Blogs where the new Reformed bloggers have ousted the emerging church bloggers from their leading spots. I like Ed's ideas of why that may have happened but I would also add a few of my own.

1. Many emerging church bloggers do not run "church" blogs but rather, in true missional fashion, they host blogs in many areas of life and culture. Or in the case of Darren Rowse, pro blogging,

2. Many emerging church blog readers use RSS feeds and dont bother turning up anymore, except on special occasions, on the actual blog.

3. Social media sites and microblogging is, I guess, more common in the EC scene and certainly more common among the females (Ed notes this also) so the big clunky text-based theological sites are often left to the Reformed men to run.

4. People just dont link anymore like they used to, as Darren was saying today, and the results show up.

5. The emerging controversies and conversations were huge a number of years ago but are now a more accepted part of the church and mission landscape. The new reformed movement, on the other hand, has generated some fresh controversy in certain denominations that will not be named [ . . . OK . . . Southern Baptist!] and controversy generates buzz which generates LINKS and links lead to rankings.

Have I missed anything?

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15 Blogging Tips For 2007

I wish you all a great blogging year for 2007. I pray God will speak words of life and peace and health through you and I pray those who need to hear those words will FIND them.

I am receiving a lot of emails over this new year regarding blogging. The 2 most common questions I am asked are regarding
(1) which blogging platform and
(2) Google ranking and what influences it.

Here some thoughts for 2007 directed at those of us committed to the high calling of blogging. 15 of them to be exact.

1. Keep Your Old Blog
Start another blog if you must but don't kill your old one. There must be a million people out there planning to migrate from Blogger to a better platform. Wordpress is probably the best. I use Typepad for this blog and have no complaints. There are others out there also. But I think you should probably keep your current blog and start another to cover a different area of your life or interests. Nothing wrong with having a few blogs. And if you have built up some links and ranking authority through having some history, it would be a shame to lose it all when you start over. I know this because I deserted my original blogspot blog in favor of Typepad and lost everything. I wouldn't make the same mistake today.

2. Buy a Blog Editor
If you buy a blog editor, you could put up with your lame and pedestrian platform for much longer. Maybe forever. I use Ecto and I love it. I can write and manage my blog posts offline and I dont have to mess with the interfaces.   And yes, I could easily blog straight from my browser (Flock is cool for this) or other programs but I just like my Ecto and am not changing. Not yet.

3. Your Long Domain Name is OK.
No one remembers URLs anyway. Having a "wordpress" or "inknoise" or "vox" or "blogspot" is perfectly ok and is not a sign of immaturity or cheapness. Aslo, domain mapping is great if you do it when you start your blog. Otherwise it is not worth losing your existing links and authority. If you are tempted to map your existing blog to your particular domain name, then read my drama before you do anything stupid.

Now the other thing .  .

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