Suddenly Seminary

June 14, 2005

Suddenly Seminary OFF

Sorry people - I cant even get into Suddenly Seminary tonight on my dial up connection. ADSL gets here next month (July 27) and I am just gonna have to wait. Sorry about that.
"Are we we are the waiting." (Green Day)

May 08, 2005

Brian's Hell at 9PM GMT


OK - Brian McLaren is coming here on Monday morning (May 9) to share about his controversial book "The Last Word and The Word After That:A Tale of Faith. Doubt and a New Kind of Christianity" and answer some of your questions (that you will leave as comments on Brian's post) He will be posting different thoughts on other blogs also. Here is the complete list:
Jordon Cooper
Jen Lemen
Dwight Friesen

Most of the conversation will happen in the comments section under Brian's blog post, but to make things interesting, we have set up a virtual hell next to Suddenly Seminary in which to have an online discussion. Its called Brian's Hell. You will probably see me in the room. There will be NO coffee or tea in this room, because there is no coffee or tea in hell, as everyone knows. But you can sneak out to Boaz Lounge to whet your virtual caffeine addiction. Suddenly Seminary has both tea and coffee.

Read these posts and related comments.
The Grilling of Brian
Does the Church Believe in Heaven?

First time in Habbo?
Check on these guidelines for Suddenly Seminary or read on for details

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February 24, 2005

Suddenly Seminary at Soularize

Andrew48 1Heres a first. I cant come physically to teach at Soularize this year, but Spencer of has asked me to do a virtual class in my 3D Suddenly Seminary room as one of the Labs. He will have a special WIFi room equipped for you. I will be the only one not in the physical classroom. The date is probably March 10th but is yet to be confirmed. The subject is also to be confirmed, but will probably be connected with ministry online, new media and the emerging church.
Ss Images
Soularize will be March 9-11 in Venice Beach, California.

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October 12, 2004

Graduation Party Online

Update: Thanks everyone for coming. Here is a picture of us dropping into the tub. Great game, Sam!!! The idea was you go through one teleporter and come out falling into the tub. we found out that you can take your coffee with you and it doesn't spill.

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September 28, 2004

Newbies at Suddenly Seminary

Hey - thanks for a great time. Good to see so many new people from all over - Portugal, Canada, Germany, even Scotty's wife with baby. The screenshot was taken during a God-moment when everyone broke out into spontaneous singing of Veggie Tales.
Next Tuesday - I would like to shoot a movie inside Habbo Hotel of a Bible scene. Plz suggest a good one with lots of actors and dialog. Song of Solomon and Esther were suggested tonight, along with The Passion of the Habbo. Let me know.

Post-Emerging Church?

Who is worthy of saying such a thing? One of the hot conversations right now is the idea of the Post-Emerging Church.
Lets talk about it onight at 7pm London time. Suddenly Seminary guest room at

Here are some of my thoughts:
images-1Who can ascend the post-emerging church hill? Not he who has from a helicopter dropped, young Lotus. Nor he whose ascent has through books and conferences been. Only they who through the valley of emergence have walked, stage by stage, the lessons of God learning.

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September 14, 2004

Suddenly Seminary - thanks

UPDATE: thanks for turning up. Nice to chat with you!

coffee Tuesday 14th (not 13th - oops) at 7pm London time. Password this week will be "boaz". Nothing heavy to download or prepare for this week. Just turn up and lets chat. Come and see my new coffee machine and have a cup on me.

How to get there? - go to guest room called "Suddenly Seminary". Type in "boaz" when it asks for password. Come in, grab a coffee and a seat. Next Tuesday I will be in Portugal and will not be around.

September 06, 2004

chatting with renee

All over now. Thanks very much to Renee for her time, her thoughts and her life. Here is a snapshot of what our discussion looked like (right after we locked the door)
andrew48 This is what i look like in Suddenly Seminary. I am checking in now and will be there for the next few hours. Renee (last post) will be there also from 7pm (london time) on.
Never been before? Dont be scared. Give it a shot. Instructions on how to enter are 2 posts back. See you inside Habbo Hotel.

a challenge from a church survivor

my name is renee. i'm the author of stumbling toward faith, and this is my message for much of the church.

(thanks andrew! for the opportunity)

i want to talk about the things that people don't want to think about. i want to talk about power, and how it has potential for unspeakable damage. i want to talk about pain, and how we spend countless breaths trying to force it away; to fix it. i want to talk about grace, and what it has meant to and for me, underneath my pretending.

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Renee Today at

Tune in later today when Renee comes on this blog as part of her blogcrawl and PA schedule for her book Stumbling Toward Faith: My Longing to Heal from the Evil that God Allowed.
At 7pm tonight london time Renee Altson , who blogs at Ianua, will visit me in the virtual chat room "Suddenly Seminary". click here for London time right now
suddenlyseminary150Come here first for instructions, then off to Habbo.
To get there, go to, check in, dress yourself, and select "Suddenly Seminary" in the guest rooms.
BTW, Habbo Hotel is selling virtual pulpits in the RARE section of its catalogue, for those of you doing virtual churches. I will show you mine tonight.

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September 03, 2004

Stumbling Toward Faith next Monday

image_book Monday 6 September right here!!!!!!! Public appearance by blogger Renee Altson on this blog and at Suddenly Seminary space at Habbo. Appearances on other blogs have started already. This is a really interesting mix between the publishing world and the blog world. Great to see us all collaborate.

Renee will talk about her new book on surviving abuse . . .
"Stumbling toward faith was written out of my attempt to make sense of what happened to me. it doesn't go into the whole of my story, and sometimes there are only occasional dips into the depths of my pain. ultimately, though, it is an attempt at an apology; a reconciliation of my faith, my desire to believe, the hope of a love that i can not understand . . . it's a difficult book, but i believe that it is the creation of something beautiful out of the rubble of my life. " (Renee)

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July 20, 2004

INRI at Suddenly Seminary

Tonight! This will be the last one for a while. Summer is here and i will be traveling to places wifi-deprived and broadband-desolate so we will finish off our little virtual seminary experiment here.
I will turn up for one hour at 7pm London time. You have a few hours to prepare. I realise this is last minute, but this is SUDDENLY seminary and part of the experience is the element of immediate time and knee-jerk theology. Lets do this:
inri1. Download a PDF file of the INRI exhibition from its original location or by clicking the thumbnail on the left.
2. Read the file, as if you were attending the photo exhibition.
3. Choose one image and get ready to share why you choose it.
4. If you have time, take an screenshot of the image you choose and upload it to your blog. Try to optimize it to between 10k and 20k. Then leave a comment here and a link to your image and blog posting. You could do this during the week also. I would be curious to see which image you choose.
4. At 7pm tonight (London time), come to the guest room called Suddenly Seminary at
I will start. Having attended the exhibition in Prague, and bought the actual book (cost me a lot of money!!!) I scanned my personal favorite image and have cropped it here. It is a picture of the disciples with Jesus. I love the railway analogy . . the sense of taking off, sending out. When i think of the word "apostles", this image often comes to mind.
The INRI exhibition was a photo exhibition by Bettina Rheims and Serge Bramly depicting the Gospels in contemporary time.

July 13, 2004

Tim Bednar Special Guest

Tim will be with us for the first hour at Suddenly Seminary. Lets meet Tuesday 13th July at 7-9 pm (GMT - london time). Discussion will revolve around Tim Bednar's paper (with the obnoxious title) "We Know More Than Our Pastors: Why Bloggers are the Vanguard of the Participatory Church" Download the 45 page paper in PDF form here. and come ready to talk about it. Suddenly Seminary is a virtual room found at
Extra reading? Look at how other bloggers answered the same 5 questions that formed the basis for the paper.

July 10, 2004

Virtual Map Emerging

Its been over two weeks since we started building virtual rooms. Jonathon is building a map. Lots of new rooms are popping up also, and we need to have an open house event one night. This reminds me of the early stages of blogging, except it going much faster. Are you also starting a room? Let us know. Lets hook them up. And for goodness sake, somebody please find some OTHER virtual spaces/ Graphical MUDs for us to inhabit. Coming on Tuesday?

July 08, 2004

Participatory Church: Seminary discussion

Suddenly Seminary - lets meet next Tuesday at 7-9 pm (GMT). Discussion will revolve around Tim Bednar's paper (with the obnoxious title) "We Know More Than Our Pastors: Why Bloggers are the Vanguard of the Participatory Church" Download the 45 page paper in PDF form here. and come ready to talk about it. Suddenly Seminary is a virtual room found at
Extra reading? Look at how other bloggers answered the same 5 questions that formed the basis for the paper.

June 29, 2004

Suddenly Seminary - update 4.2

we did it!!!!!!!!! How much fun was that?
This picture was the final scene- us looking stunned as habbohotel suddenly shut down (crashed????) and we were frozen in time
Was that a SUDDEN STOP to Suddenly Seminary or what???? Unfortunately, at 9pm we were hoping to send off Brad - maybe we could do it another time?
what happened at the end? Habbohotel, with 8500 people in it, somehow crashed. Oh well! At least it did it at 9pm.
Thanks everyone for coming and making it a great experience. here are some more photos . . .

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June 24, 2004

Invitation to Suddenly Seminary

Last night was a scream! Fantastic. Thanks to those of you who came to the Boaz Lounge. I think i will open it up again tomorrow (Friday) during our pizza party (7pm to 10pm GMT) for those of you who want a chat.
But there is another room i want to mention. . .
I've been busy this morning. I done went and fixed up a Seminary classroom. Wanna come?
After having so much fun last night in the Boaz Lounge, I went ahead and made up a classroom setting to beta test as a virtual learning environment. The room holds 25 people, and if need be, I have a cool transporter (in the shape of a Narnia wardrobe) to shoot people over to Boaz Lounge. There may only be a few of us the first time, Would you like to join me for a seminary class experience? Letting me know beforehand would be helpful.

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