Mission in Digital Frontiers: Learning Day in Adelaide

Next week I am doing a learning day at Uniting College, Adelaide, South Australia. Thanks to Dr Steve Taylor, Director of Missiology, for inviting me over. You might remember Steve for his EmergentKiwi blog or his excellent book The Out of Bounds Church?: Learning to Create a Community of Faith in a Culture of Change.

Best intro to what we are doing next week is found on Steve's blog:

MISSION IN DIGITAL FRONTEIRS: a learning day with Andrew Jones

Thursday 28 April 1:30pm – 3:00pm Pioneering lessons

Pioneering is hard work and Andrew Jones has been doing it, and seeing it, for over 20 years. This session offers some wisdom on sustainability, dealing with difficulty and building creative partnerships.  It is by invite only, by simply asking for the pioneer password. The aim is to encourage folk with a pioneering heart and is jointly hosted by Mission Resourcing Network and Uniting College.

3:45 – 5:15 pm Social media as fresh expression of mission

The digital world is a fast moving frontier. This session with explore the potential of blogs, Facebook, Twitter for congregations and communities in mission. The content will cover getting started, strategies for effective network and the shape of mission theology for a digital world. The aim of this session is to both upskill and encourage local churches to think about their use of the internet.

7-8:30 pm Social media and justice-making in God’s mission

This session will explore the relationship between social media and justice-making. Can the use of social media be an outworking of “Your Kingdom Come”? If so, how? The session will share stories from around the globe mixed with theological reflection. The aim is to explore the potential and pitfalls that face those surfing the digital frontier.

Registration Form: low res here, high res here

I dont need a new Mac

I know tomorrow's launch of the new Mac and Macbook Pro will have a lot of people ooohhing and aaahhhing but the fact is, my Mac is still rocking after nearly 2 years and I dont intend to replace it. Even if I had the money to do it. Unless there was a spectacular reason to do so.

Macrumors suggests that a new port will be available on the Macbook Pro. But the rumor that interests me the most is the release of a potential docking station. Lets wait and see.

Imacdock 300

Google Webmaster Tools: Search Results from each country

Google webmaster tools now has a feature that lets you see what google searches people did to find your site FROM EACH COUNTRY! I had no idea they were so different. Its really worth a look. Here are my number one search queries in which my site appeared:

USA - "andrew jones"
UK - "habbohotel uk"
New Zealand - "kiwi nudes"
Germany - "Horst Schafrenek"
France - "sex house"
Turkey - "i dress"
Netherlands - "andrew jones"
No results yet from China, Australia and a few other straggling countries.

And if you don't have Google webmaster tools, then do it. And set up a site map so you can control those Google bots, wild beasts all of them, and point them to the blog posts they need to see.

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Apple's iphone comes out tonight. Whoopdy Do! Its just a stupid phone and it costs too much money - $499 and $599. My motorola phone is 2 years old and if it died tomorrow i think i would resurrect my REALLY old Sony Ericsson 68i which i loved. If i want iTunes then i will buy an iPod. If i want a notebook i will write on paper with pen - which i still prefer. Yes it looks cool. Damn cool. But I just cant justify buying it or the service. In fact, AppleMatters calculates the iphone will cost you $3000 over two years. Maybe you cant afford it either. Is anyone buying this phone? Engadget has the skinny.

I remember the days when Apple was a company that helped people become productive rather than their current role as a vendor of cool products. I attended Mac Expo in 2000 in San Francisco and my life changed . . . radically changed. It was productivity rather than products. I think those days are gone.

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Internet "Smelly Vision" by 2015

News story says Korean tech experts predict computers will transmit scent through the internet by 2015. This will be very good news for the alt. worship communities and cyberchurches. Maybe even bloggers. Expect my recipes to have accompanying smells. I wonder how others will use it?

Coffee smells for emerging church conversations?
Incense for cyberchurch services?
Old leather for classic book reviews?
Sulphur for online gospel tracts?

Wiki Words

- Wired's Big Question Wiki needs some people to help fill in the blanks to BIG questions like:
Where is the Holy Grail?

- is under development, courtesy of the omnipresent Dr Andy Jackson of SmartChristian who has the skinny;
" will be an open-source website dedicated to the interpretation of each book of the Bible. I will keep you informed as things unfold, but I would appreciate your prayer support as I take this initial step with already having a heavy teaching and ministry load."

Look for it soon.

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Leith Anderson in the Search Engines

Mark Driscoll's latest blog post on how churches should respond to pastoral crises of falling leaders (ie . . Haggard) has made me think about how churches and their web sites should also be geared to BLESS their rising leaders (ie . . . Anderson).

Yesterday I did a search for NAE Interim President Leith Anderson, not because i don't know who he is - i do and have eaten with the man - but I wanted to see what the world would find when they typed "Leith Anderson" in their search engines.

And guess who was first? An adversarial site [Lighthouse Trails] that does not appreciate the gift that is Leith Anderson. The same site that slams the emerging church for being six degrees from Dallas Willard and slams prayer movements for being contemplative.

Zoolander           3HELLO?
he he he he

Has there EVER been a prayer ministry that has not been contemplative?

[Having said that about Lighthouse, I should add that LighthouseTrails has a very personal message regarding Haggard that is worth reading and made me second guess the site. I might even order Catherine's book called Laughter Calls Me]

Anyway, where was I? I took another shot today at finding Leith and looky what happened. Lighthouse has gone to number 3 and Wooddale Church has moved to first place. My guess is that the folk at Google jumped in, expecting the rush, and added some human insight because the system was not going to work right for Leith Anderson. Yahoo is kinder to Leith and points to his books before landing at his church [No. 7]

Images-1Have you tried linking to Leith Anderson? Almost impossible. The only place on his church site is a group photo with frames. Here is why Leith gets no respect in Googleland . . . his church web site is flash driven and there is no static anchor text for Leith so he doesn't get the necessary permanent links he needs to control his own story.

Which causes me to say . .. hey . . . church webmasters . . instead of forking out the big bucks for fancy graphics and morphing flash icons, go out and buy a $10 book on SEO (search engine optimization) and let your pastor take his/her rightful place in the rankings. And if you cant do that, be honest and tell them to get their own blog and start laying down some history and some ranking cred because the day may come . . and indeed is now upon Leith Anderson . . . when the myriads and the masses will come looking.
Blessed is he who is found ready.

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